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Harry Stocks – Managing Director

SSI operates out of Hereford, the home of the Special Air Service, where our founding member Harry Stocks spent a substantial part of his service career, serving as a badged member of G Squadron in both the operational and training branches of the Special Forces surveillance unit, before subsequently returning to serve in the Intelligence Corps, being commissioned and taking over the Military’s Anti Terrorist Survey Team, before entering the commercial field. Harry's key functions are, maintaining client relations and the delivery of bespoke security solutions to Ultra High Net Worth individuals at their place of residence and for Corporate clients around the world.


Security Services International (Hereford) Ltd) has operated within the specialist security industry for eighteen years and have operated within the Surveillance, Executive Protection, Residential Security together with Contingency Planning Penetration testing and Risk Surveys i.e. anti-aggressor operations for ten years. SSI (Hereford) Ltd is a privately owned, limited company.


SSI (Hereford) Ltd is a bespoke Security, Surveillance and Private Investigation company that services major corporate clients and Private Clients throughout the world. SSI (Hereford) Ltd employs fifteen full time employees and has a sub-contractor base of approximately thirty, dependent upon the skill set required by the client, i.e. executive protection, residential security, surveillance/counter surveillance or anti–aggressor operations and training.

Staff & Consultants

Our consultants are mainly drawn from ex-military, more specifically the Intelligence Corps or Special Forces Group, however we do on occasions employ other military or police trained specialists, if they conform to our exacting requirements. Each of the management team has in-depth experience of conducting Surveillance, Specialist Security Operations and or Executive Protection / Bodyguard and Residential Security assignments. The principal consultants have all held operational and managerial positions within full time Special Forces/Duties units and their respective training organisations, at locations in this country and abroad. This experience makes the company unique within the industry, as no other agency has such similarly qualified resources focused in one group.

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